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My Ex Lied to Me About Witnessing Someone Else

My Ex Lied to Me About Witnessing Someone Else

She might become bad for feeling this way, but destination is actually a robust energy and may result in both women and men to-do facts they generally wouldn’t (for example. swindle).

Thus, though she tries to end by herself from setting up using latest chap, the powerful appeal of destination are able to lead her to kissing him, sex with him and creating attitude of love for him.

However, in addition, she may not want to harmed the girl boyfriend by informing your that she cheated on him and it is today splitting up with him to be with somebody else.

After all, the guy could become really mad about this and harmed her, or he could wind up weeping their sight out and guilt-tripping their into offering him another possibility.

Therefore, she lies about witnessing another person as a way of sparing their thoughts and possibly steering clear of a dramatic and perhaps very dangerous breakup situation. (more…)